A New Sport Born in Wassamu!
It takes skill
accurate team play...  
But anyone can play and 
enjoy it.






















All Japan Tamaire Association 



Head Office

C/O Wassamu- Town Tourism Association

18 Nishimachi Wassamu- Town Kamikawa-gun Hokkaido, Japan 098-0100

Telephone          016532-2341 

Facsimile             016532-3104

All Japan Tamaire Association (AJTA)


gTamaireh is a game traditionally played by elementary school children at sport festivals. It takes about 200 stuffed balls, 2 baskets and 2 poles to hold the baskets. Any number of children can participate. 

The winner is determined by seeing how many balls can be thrown into each basket within a certain time. Traditionally there are two teams; one is the Red-team and the other is the White-team. Each team has about 100-stuffed balls colored Red or White. The balls are placed on the ground first and the children pick them up and throw them into the basket, which is on a pole about 1.5 meters or 2 meters high.


AJTA has made the game slightly more regulated and orderly so that adults can enjoy it as well. They also organized an official tournament held on the first or second Sunday of September each year.

The size of the basket and its height originated in very unique way, based on such things as the north latitude and the lowest recorded temperature in Wasamu town.


The History of the All Japan Tamaire Championship


It all started in August 1990 in a town called Wassamu-cho as an outdoor sport. It was the very first Tamaire Championship held as part of the townfs gFureai Matsurih festival or g Getting to know each other festival.h

Since then the official rules as well as standards for equipment were formalized and introduced aiming to spread the game throughout Japan and to become a true gAll-Japan Championship tournament.h

Now it is well reorganized and can be enjoyed even by adults. It is so easy to play that you hardly notice the rules.

Let us have fun and try to break the record.


AJTAfs official Tamaire


AJTAfs official Tamaire is played with 6 players.

Each team races against the clock to see who, within the shortest time, can throw all the balls into the basket.


1.The balls used are 99 AJTA balls and 1 AJTA anchor ball.


2.The balls must be placed around the pole but in any way preferred. 


3.The game must be played with exactly 6 players.


4.The players stand outside of the circle facing the spectators.


5.The game begins when the starting gun is fired.


6.The time is measured with stopwatches from the firing of the starting gun to when the anchor ball lands in the basket.


7.All the AJTA balls must be thrown in first and as the final ball the AJTA anchor ball is thrown in. If the AJTA anchor ball is thrown in before all the AJTA balls are in the basket, the team is disqualified.


8.All the 99+1 balls must be in the basket.


9.Piggyback or any kind of tools such as poles or bars must not be used for throwing the balls.


10.When a ball is on the edge of the basket hanging out it is counted as safe or in the basket.


11.When the AJTA anchor ball is thrown and hits a ball on the edge of the basket causing the ball to fall it is still counted as safe or in the basket. 


12. If someone other than the players touches an AJTA ball the team is disqualified.


13.Any other matters regarding governing the tournament will be notified at the coachfs conference.




The All Japan Tamaire Championship Tournament


It is regularly held on the first Sunday of September every year at the Wassamu-cho general gymnastic hall.


Official equipment


The association sells the official stuffed balls and baskets for your practice. Contact us by phone or fax.




Played in an indoor gymnasium.


Official Championship Tournament Rules      


1.  Players

Number of participants: Eight players can be registered including the coach. Actual players in a game are six. Both sexes can play on a team.


2.  Ages

Must be over 16 years of age or high school students.

Teams with only high school student players cannot participate in the tournament unless it has at least one adult* due to the amount of prize* awarded.  


*Some kind of ID is essential for the enrollment.

*The first prize is one million yen or approximately eight thousand three hundred US $.





3.  The AJTA court

Mark the floor with

a line tape.

The diameter is 3 meters.

The basket pole is placed

in the center.


4.  The AJTA basket

The height of the basket from

the floor to the tip of the

basket is 4 meters and

12 centimeters*.


*This figure comes

from the lowest recorded

temperature in Wassamu- town.


The diameter of the basket and the depth are 44 centimeters*.


*This figure comes from Wassamu-townfs 44 north latitude.












5.  The AJTA balls

The AJTA balls (Smaller ones)


The exterior material is cloth and it is stuffed with plastic particles.

The weight of a ball is 80 grams (with a 2-gram margin of error).

For an official tournament 99 balls are used.


The AJTA anchor ball (Larger one)


The exterior material is cloth

and it is stuffed with plastic particles.

The weight of the ball is 250 grams

(with a 5-gram margin of error).

For an official tournament 1 anchor ball is used.


6.       The AJTA shoes

Any indoor sport shoes are acceptable.
















AJTA basket

1. Starting Position













The AJTA anchor ball should be placed properly before starting the game so that the player who is in charge of throwing the anchor ball does not lose or waste any time. 


The coach can give advice or instructions as long as he/she stays outside of the circle.


The total number of balls are 100: The AJTA balls (99) and the AJTA anchor ball (1)




2 The game begins










How you throw the balls in the basket is totally free as long as you do not use any kind of tool or piggyback.


The six players can have different roles in the game such as 2 of them only collecting the balls on the floor and the rest concentrating on throwing.




The balls can be piled up before

the game starts as shown.














3 Finish


One of the players throws the anchor ball as the last and final ball. The game ends as the anchor ball lands in the basket.














The English version was created based on the All Japan Tamaire associationfs leaflet by The Bethel English Language Centre, Sapporo, Japan.

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